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Wellness 08/17/2020

Infused water for summer: flavoured, fruity or iced?

Water, Mason jars and a multitude of flavours: refreshing infused water beverages are all the rage this summer. From classic to festive and colourful recipes, there is something for everyone! Infused water is ideal for effectively refreshing and hydrating the body. But not only that! By carefully choosing your ingredients, you will be able to enjoy specific benefits, while still enjoying the taste. Discover our infused water recipes and their health benefits.

The classic: water flavoured with lemon and mint

lemon mint water

Everyone knows this delightful beverage! And everyone has already tried it.

This recipe is a true classic: water and citrus fruit. But which is better, lemon or lime? This is a question of taste and a blend of both lemon and lime is an absolute delight! There are many ways to enjoy this fruit-infused drink: you can add zest, pulp, juice, slices or wedges. The choice is yours! Some like to use a few pieces of zest, while others prefer to squeeze the entire fruit and add its tart juice to the water. For enhanced sweetness, allow the wedges of fruit to infuse.

Lemon is a citrus fruit rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals, including potassium and iron. 

For those who like to add flavor, the classic is to make a lemon mint water. While it intensifies the freshness in the mouth, mint, especially peppermint, also provides many benefits to the body. 

Fruit flavours: fruit-infused water

pomegranate fruit water

Add colour and delicious flavour to your water with your favourite fruit!

Again, these recipes are quite simple to make: an orange wedge, a few blueberries or pieces of strawberry.

Choose your favourite seasonal fruit. Wash it, cut it up into pieces and leave it for at least 30 minutes in the water before drinking it. Select a variety of different fruit to vary your tasting experience, as well as enjoying the specific benefits that each fruit offers.  

By choosing specific fruit, you provide your body with targeted benefits in addition to healthy hydration. Please note that drinking fruit-infused water does not necessarily mean you will reap the benefits of the vitamins each fruit contains as they are not very soluble in water. However, you can always enjoy the pieces of fruit once you have finished sipping the water!

So, don't delay any further: infuse your water now with a wide variety of colourful, savoury and beneficial fruit! And why not nibble on a few pieces while preparing your fruit-infused water?

Iced beverage: water and flavoured ice cubes

ice water ice cubes mintFor a touch of flavour and an abundance of freshness, add flavoured ice cubes. Fruit, vegetables or aromatic herbs... The possibilities are infinite!

To make ice cubes with fruits and vegetables, the most classic are cucumber and raspberry but it is also possible to put watermelon, blueberries or citrus fruits. Rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables in your ice cubes bring targeted benefits and maximum freshness to your water. Even more so if you take advantage of the fact that you can eat some of them.

To make herb ice cubes, any herb from your garden or grocery store can be used. Basil, mint, sage, lemon balm, coriander, rosemary, thyme or lemongrass: you can create ice cubes with surprising notes. Moreover, aromatic herbs are known for their many benefits. 

Don't know which ice cubes to choose? Why not mix fruits and herbs? Just choose some fruit or vegetable ice cubes and pair them with the herbal ice cubes. Strawberry - basil, Raspberry - rosemary or Blueberry - lemongrass: here are some fruit-herb combinations we particularly like.

Are you looking for something more than infused water?

Why not try chilled home-made tea? Refreshing and much healthier than manufactured iced teas, home-made iced tea is extremely simple to make. Begin by choosing the type of tea you want: black tea, green tea, white tea or Oolong, each one has a specific flavour.

We can recommend the perfect recipe that will help you feel refreshed, maintain your waistline, and enjoy the benefits of an abundance of antioxidants: Green tea with honey.

green tea with honey