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The Green Ethnies range

A range of five antioxidants and one superfood derived from very high quality, 100% natural botanical extracts. Our products are certified organic or guaranteed free from pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

Organic and natural pomegranate food supplement
Organic Pomegranate
CHF 39.00
Food supplement Curcumin and natural
Organic Curcumin
CHF 49.00
Food supplement Astaxanthin organic and natural
CHF 49.00
Food supplement Green tea organic and natural
Organic Green tea
CHF 39.00
Organic and natural Graviola food supplement
CHF 35.00
Organic and afa Klamath food supplement
Organic Klamath
CHF 55.00

The Nutri-cosmetic range

Micronutrition for your beauty

Nutri-cosmetic hair food supplement
Hair Miracle
CHF 39.00
Nutri-cosmetic food supplement for skin
Skin Miracle
CHF 45.00

Duo boxed sets


To boost your intensive treatment, combine your favourite antioxidant with AFA Klamath algae.

Pomegranate-afa Klamath organic and natural food supplement pack
Pomegranate & Klamath
CHF 94.00
Pack food supplements Curcumin-Klamath organic and natural
Curcumin & Klamath
CHF 104.00
Food supplement pack The Green-Klamath organic and natural
Green Tea & Klamath
CHF 94.00
Graviola-Klamath organic and natural food supplements pack
Graviola & Klamath
CHF 90.00
Hair & Skin Miracle Food Supplement Pack
Hair Miracle & Skin Miracle
CHF 84.00
Skin Miracle & Pomegranate Food Supplement Pack
Skin Miracle & Booster Grenade
CHF 84.00
Skin Miracle & Astaxanthin Food Supplement Pack
Skin Miracle & Booster Astaxanthin
CHF 94.00
Hair Miracle & Klamath Food Supplement Pack
Hair Miracle & Booster Klamath
CHF 94.00