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Benefits of organic and natural Carotenoids

Scientific discoveries 28/09/2020

The benefits of carotenoids for our health

Carotenoids are pigments that are naturally found in many different fruits, vegetables, algae and plants. They are widely known for having a variety of health benefits. The health benefits of carotenoids have been the subject of many scientific research studies. Nonetheless, the results are sometimes disputed. What is the current position? Overview of research by Eggersdorfer & Wyss.

Food supplement Astaxanthin organic and natural

Scientific discoveries Our assets 27/07/2020

The three sources of astaxanthin: which one should you choose?

Astaxanthin is a molecule of the carotenoid family with benefits widely studied by science. However, its origin is not always clear: is it astaxanthin from natural sources? Synthetic astaxanthin? Or even astaxanthin produced from yeast?